"..Highly regarded in the academic arena for his passion and commitment to jazz education, Joel Purnell has mentored several generations of the UK’s most talented new jazz musicians. Holding the post of Principal Lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire for over 20 years and lecturing on the faculties of Durham & York Universities, he has been nominated for several esteemed awards including ‘Jazz Educator of the Year’ in 2011 and the ‘Teaching Excellence Awards’ in 2018. Specialising in saxophone technique, jazz improvisation, harmony and performance, Purnell conducts numerous masterclasses throughout the UK and regularly provides private tuition for a wide range of instrumentalists. In the areas of academic research, he has produced several papers examining the mathematical and geometric properties of musical structures and consults on innovation and saxophone design for a number of distinguished saxophone manufacturers.."

Interview with Joel Purnell and performance extracts featuring Leeds Conservatoire jazz tutors: Joel Purnell / Steve Fishwick / Jamil Sheriff / Zoltan Dekany / Sebastiaan De Krom



Selmer MKVI Tenor Sax (1965)

Selmer MKVI Alto Sax (1958)

Akai EWI 4000s

Roland V-Piano



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